Saturday, 20 August 2016

Simple Sew Patterns - Chelsea Collection Blouse and Skirt


I've just finished my Simple Sew Patterns Chelsea Blouse and Skirt and I love them!


The Chelsea Collection was a free pattern with Issue 29 of Love Sewing Magazine. It comes with blouse, trouser and skirt patterns. I tried the blouse and skirt patterns because I loved the look of both of them. Also, what I love about the patterns that come with magazines is that there are tips on technique right where you need them, relating specifically to the pattern.


This was the first time I had tried several techniques:

- shirring elastic

- flat fell seams

- neck facing

- key hole neckline

Whilst this is not a perfect execution of all of these, I have to say I'm very pleased with the result! My facing rolls to the front slightly, my keyhole is a bit big and I had no top stitching thread, but I still like how it's turned out. I'm just feeling very positive about it.


I really like the style of both pieces and have plans for loads more. I want to do a white blouse for work, a silk blouse for 'best' and a lighter denim skirt with metal buttons.


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