Thursday, 17 September 2015

Defining a Core Style

I think it is very hard to define a core style, so taking queues from the second exercise of Colette's wardrobe architect series, I am gathering a range of images that attempt to summarise my core style.

I have chosen some celebrities who's style I like. This isn't to say I want to dress just like them, but I can take elements of the way they put themselves together and think about these things when creating a wardrobe for myself.

Emma stone has a nice casual style, she always looks well turned out. Skinny jeans with shirts and jumpers seem to be her wardrobe staples. This look is young and slightly preppy, which I like.


Alexa Chung is an international style icon for a good reason, she mixes feminine style with practicality and wearability.

Carey Mulligan dresses very simply, using good fabrics and shapes.

Taylor Swift has a casual style that is very polished. She accentuates her best features very well (her endless legs) and dresses to show them off.

All of these celebrities dress in a simple way, without added bling, patterns, accessories. They mix practicality with style and do not dress too girly, even though their style is elegant and feminine. The style that I would like from my wardrobe is relaxed, smart, elegant, simple and comfortable.

Things I have noticed from studying the style of these celebrities:
- they are all wearing collars
- there is not much printed fabric used
- they look comfortable
- the clothing suits their body shapes
- blue and black are key wardrobe staples

This is just a small part of the exercise, but felt like the easiest place to start. The next step will be gathering a range of images and words that summarise my style.

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