Friday, 21 August 2015

Welcome to The Wardrobe Architect

I decided to start this blog about the revitalisation of my wardrobe after reading about the wardrobe architect movement on the Colette blog. I started reading this series when I was pregnant, and since having my baby boy and starting maternity leave, I decided that it was a good time for a style overhaul.

I've attempted to succinctly list the reasons behind my wardrobe overhaul below:

1 - change in priorities
I used to be very attached to all my belongings, with clothes holding sentimental value for me. However, since having a baby, material possessions seem much less important. I feel I should embrace this new found carelessness and de-clutter, which brings me onto the second point...

2 - requirement to clear out some stuff
I live in a small terraced house with my husband and baby boy. Our spare room has a large built in wardrobe, our 'overflow' wardrobe. The need to turn this into a proper bedroom for our little boy means that the wardrobe has to be ripped out and the contents will be displaced. Rather than cramp our master bedroom with a second wardrobe, the sensible option seemed to be to get rid of some of our surplus clothing. If it hasn't been worn for 18 months, it's going.

3 - changing style
Another reason why it feels easier to have a clear out is that my style has changed. Since finishing my degree I have fewer nights out (actually none since having a baby!), which means I require fewer pairs of heels, fewer dressy tops and skirts, etc etc.

4 - too many clothes that are ill fitting
Whilst shopping with friends I inevitably got caught out by buying things that they like, that suit their shape and style rather than my own. This has resulted in a disjointed selection of clothing that is ill fitting in many senses.

5 - unsuitability of many clothes for nursing / parenthood
I am coming to the realisation that my tummy will never go back to its pre-pregnancy state, and I'm completely fine with this. My body has done an amazing thing by nurturing our beautiful baby, and the stretch marks are a reminder of how wonderful it was to be pregnant and how lucky I feel to have been able to have the experience. Tight t-shirts, low rise jeans and short shorts now seem uncomfortable and unflattering. Plus as I am breastfeeding, and intend to continue for several months, I require clothes that facilitate this easily. 

6 - desire to make my own clothes, tailored to my needs
This point summarises all the above points really. By making my own wardrobe of specifically crafted garments, I can ensure that the fit is perfect, the fabric suits both me and the style of the garment, and that my wardrobe looks like it all belongs to the same person.

7 - discontentment with our throw-away society
The introduction of 'cheap and cheerful' to our clothing market is not a positive thing in my opinion. As a society we buy too many cheap items of clothing that are not intended to last, that wash and wear badly, and that ultimately end up in landfill. The origin of these items is also questionable and brings into play the ethics of fair trade.

This blog will follow my journey through the process of cutting down my wardrobe to some key staples, and making clothing that is right for me, my life now and my changing needs.

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