Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Refashioners 2015 - Part 1

So, I'm taking a short break from my analysis of constructing the perfect capsule wardrobe to get involved with this years Refashioners project.

There has been a lot of involvement this year, with so many great sewists joining in and blogging their refashions.


I thought I would start out with something simple. This is the first time my sewing machine has been out since Stanley was born (he's only 3 months old so I don't think I'm doing too badly). It has been a bit of a challenge finding the time to get this completed, as he is not one for napping during the day (or for being put down!)


I bought this great shirt from my local British Heart Foundation shop. This is a charity that I regularly support, having lost both grandmothers this year to heart problems.

The fabric is a blue and white striped cotton. The great thing about using existing clothes as a starting point is that the fabric is already pre washed and is soft and manageable.


The pattern I decided to use is Marilla Walker's Ilsley Skirt. This pattern is offered for free on Marilla's blog. It is the first time I had used one of Marilla's patterns and overall I thought it was excellent. In fact, I've already planned my next one!


I had to make some slight adjustments to the pattern to get the pieces to fit within the fabric available. I slightly curved the side seams at the back as there wasn't enough width at the top due to the armholes. Unfortunately this means that I can no longer get the skirt over my hips and it has to be put on over my head! I also removed the front pocket of the shirt so there are some slight markings on the front of the skirt where the pocket sat, but I think this is a nice reminder of the origin of the garment.



The waistband is cut against the grain, as there wasn't enough fabric to cut it on grain, and I still needed to create a centre back seam and it is a little slimmer than the pattern suggests.


I stitched down the button placket to prevent any unwanted gaping and help the skirt to hang better.


I thought that the pattern was well drafted with clear instructions. However, unless you already have an understanding of garment construction and sewing techniques, this pattern would not be suitable as there are no diagrams or illustrations. The construction sequence is great, the insides are very clean and I didn't need to do any hand sewing!


If you download the pattern and like it, make sure to donate to Marilla's chosen charity here. This refashion has turned into a charitable double whammy, with ecological upcycling and economical fabric choice. Overall a win-win combination!


Apologies for there being no photos of me wearing this, I will add them as soon as we get some decent weather and I can go outside to take photos!


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